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If you would like essential information to increase your, your executive team’s or your organization’s performance, OrgLeader offers its Leadership, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness Collection by Ryan Lahti to you at no cost. Once you decide which of the following titles you want, click on its cover to download it.

40 Key Terms to Know

This publication is a quick reference for leadership, talent management and organizational effectiveness buzzwords that clarifies where the terms apply.

Three Pitfalls of Leadership Assessment

The Three Pitfalls of Leadership Assessment: How to Avoid Them

This publication identifies critical business traps encountered in evaluating leadership talent and provides recommendations to address them.

Enhancing Executive Team Decision Making

Enhancing Executive Team Decision Making: Four Diagnostic Models

This publication breaks down four proven decision-making frameworks to show how they can improve executive team judgments.

Selecting an Executive Coach

Selecting an Executive Coach: The Three Critical Factors

This publication clarifies how executive coaching differs from other practices and pinpoints crucial criteria for choosing a coach.