Identify Gaps

Identify Gaps

In order to effectively identify organizational/leadership gaps, fact-based assessment methods should be utilized to ensure that the investment of time, money and other resources are focused on the right area. More specifically, sound assessment methods are needed to address gaps with a leader (or a leadership role), an executive team or an organization (e.g., a department, a division, an entire company). This is the reason OrgLeader uses the top tools on the market as an integral component of its assessment approaches. Learn more…

At the individual leader level, assessment is used to address three different gaps. First, assessment is used to establish a precise and efficient way to evaluate potential leadership candidates when a company needs to hire a new leader. Second, assessment is used to confirm the capabilities a leader needs to develop to successfully perform a role. Third, assessment is used to determine successors for critical leadership positions.

At the executive team level, assessment is used to identify the capabilities a team currently possesses and the ones it needs to become a high-performing team. At the organizational level, assessment is used to clarify areas of strength as well as areas for improvement on issues of interest (e.g., employee engagement). Accuracy and consistency are critical for obtaining valid assessment results. Therefore, all of OrgLeader’s assessment approaches are based on its AAM framework.


“I had the opportunity to have Ryan work with our management team within my division. He was able to effectively assess our team and work with us on leadership development. He helped us effectively identify the team issues and provided us with the tools and understanding required for us to develop and move forward. We continue to reap the benefits today.”

Rick Blazier
VP/Division Manager

OrgLeader AAM Framework

Example Client Engagements:

  • A board of directors of a growing company was struggling to work effectively as a team and could not identify the cause. OrgLeader conducted a team assessment that highlighted the board’s strengths and limitations thereby providing the areas the board could focus on to enhance its performance as a team.
  • After an acquisition of another company, a client was faced with incumbents in redundant leadership roles and no consistent means of gauging the capabilities of the leaders. Assessment methods were used to determine the client’s leadership bench strength and how to best deploy these leaders as the two companies integrated.
  • A CEO role needed an executive who could not only execute but do so with the finesse that would enable the executive team and the organization to reach its potential. OrgLeader conducted an in-depth assessment of the leading candidate which confirmed the decision to hire the executive.